Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Preschool Activity - Bird Treats

Get ready...

1. Take all your little preschoolers outside and gather up some big pine cones.

Get set...

2. Come inside, and tie string to the top of each pine cone. Pour some bird seed into a jelly roll pan, and place pine cones and birdseed on the table. Put out a small cup of peanut butter for each child, as well as a butter knife to spread it with.

Go for it!

3. Have the kids (feel free to do it too - this project is even fun for big people :) coat a layer of peanut butter on their pine cone, then sprinkle heavily with bird seed. Repeat, repeat and repeat until your pine cones run out!

4. Hang the bird treats on some tree branches by a window, preferably one your preschoolers can easily see out of. Wait for the birds to find them, then watch them (and your preschoolers) enjoy your fun and tasty preschool project!


Grace said...

Sounds so fun - I will have to look for some pine cones soon. Thanks for the idea!


Laney said...

That's a really good idea! Thanks for sharing!

Hannah said...

Thank You for your lovely comment. I am not sure where I found your blog, I did your favorite name thing a while back, I might have found you from someone else doing that but I am not sure.
I would like to say that your blog is also a great blessing to me! If I were to choose a list of my favorite blogs yours would be at the top!

God Bless!

Savannah Grace said...

We always used to make "pinecone birdfeeders" when we were little. We havn't done it for a while though, because mom found out that some birds can't eat peanut butter.
Love in Christ.