Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Homemade "Superman" Capes

Remember how I told you about the gifts for Hanukkah I was giving? Well, here they are!

These cape costumes were a hit! All the children loved them, and still do. I learned a lot by sewing the "outfits", since I was still a bit unsteady at my sewing skills (not that I'm anywhere near perfect now!), and can't wait to start another project.

On the day after Halloween, my mom and I shopped the sale-throwing fabric stores, and that's when I found all this sparkly material...and came up with the idea to sew capes for gifts. I didn't exactly know how I was going to make them, but estimated how much material I would need for each child's cape, and went ahead and bought it.

It wasn't until December I started, as I had no clue how to make a cape, but once I did everything went fine. As you can see, I made head and wrist bands to go with the capes, and sewed metallic ric-rac on the cape and head piece to make it more costume-like.

Here are a few more photos snapped of my siblings in their garb:

Have a blessed day!


Laney said...

Hey! Thank you SO much for commenting on my blog! I LOVE yours! The background is SUPER pretty! :)
The capes are really cute! I am still a little 'unsteady' at my sewing. You did really well! :) I am going to add you on my friends list! Thanks!!

In HIS name,

Rachel said...

Awesome job!!

Emilee said...

Are those the capes you told me about in your email a while ago? They look awesome!!! I bet your siblings enjoyed them!