Saturday, January 31, 2009

ER Adventures

If you've ever had an asthma attack, and the treatment/puff doesn't work, you know how I felt. It was Friday, and I was sitting on the edge of our couch in the living room. My lungs felt tight, my tummy hurt, I had pains around my ribs and I could barely talk. It was around 6:00, so the doctor's office wasn't open. I asked dad if maybe I could get to the Emergency Room soon. He looked at me, and I must have looked pretty bad because he got up and immediately went to talk with Mom to arrange it.

About a half hour later I was laying down on the bed in one of the little emergency rooms. A few nurses came in and started checking my "stats". Thankfully, oxygen level was 100%. I've had it at 60 before! The doctor (who I noticed was wearing mountain boots :) practically jumped in, listened to my lungs and told me the respiratory therapist was coming to give me a treatment, then jumped back out. We waited for a bit (I have to admit, much to my discomfort) and then the guy-who-keeps-people-breathing (who we later found out was a Christian) came in and started my treatment for me. About 10 minutes later it was done, and let me tell you, I felt much, much better!

After waiting around some more, and having more nurses come in to "listen to me" (I think I probably had those cold stethoscopes on my back ten times!), the doctor came in. Pretty much, he said that I sounded fine in the lungs so I wouldn't need to be x-rayed to see if I had pneumonia. For the breathing problems, he prescribed me some Prednisone, which has been helping. Then, he told us we could be leaving pretty soon, and left. By then I was feeling like I needed another treatment, so when a nurse came in to have Mom sign the discharge papers, I told her and she called back the respiratory therapist. About five to ten minutes later he came in to the room and started me one. Again, by the time I was finished I felt a lot better! Since it usually takes a while to get a prescription filled at the hospital, Mom took the prescription down to the pharmacy while we were waiting for a nurse to come in and let us out.

A few minutes later, Mom was back, and so was the nurse. We went downstairs to get our prescription, and, Praise the Lord, it was ready and waiting, and we were out of the hospital by 9:45!

I've been feeling much better today, and am only needing to take treatments every four hours like I'm supposed to. Since I'm taking the Prednisone, I should just get better from here. Sometime early next week I'll go to the doctor to make sure, then if everything is fine the ordeal should be over with!

Your Getting Better Sickie Friend,


Grace said...

I've never had to deal with anything like that and pray that I never will. This really makes me remember that everything is a gift from God, even something so basic as breathing. I pray you feel better very soon!


Victoria Rebecca said...

I know exactly how you felt. I have had asthma for about 12 years. I have been hospitalized three times for asthma attacks. (once for an entire week) The doctors even prescribed the same medicine, although I had an allergic reation to it. I hope you feel better.

Hannah said...

Sorry Serenity.:( We have had to go to the er some many times! They we're all for the same kid, my daring little brother! Once he broke his arm, split his head open, oh and when he was about two years old he drowned. Yes, he drowned! We are sooo...blessed to still have our Noah with us after that accident. He was in the water floating by the time we found him! Anyways hope you get better soon.:):):):)
Miss Hannah

Miss Serenity said...

Thanks, ladies! I appreciate your concern. I /am/ starting to feel better, all though I've been needing treatments more than I'd like. I can feel the difference, though!


Savannah Grace said...

wow,i hope you're feeling better!John has had asthma all his life it was never very serious though.


Rachel said...

Praise God you are well. I had a few friends back bc (before children) who had very bad asthma. I remember having to call an ambulance for one who used her inhaler but she still couldn't breath well. Such an awful feeling.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad everything turned out fine, and that you're getting better!