Sunday, August 3, 2008

Shop Shop Shoppin'...Shoppin' at Ross!

I was at Ross today and found the best deal. A way cute (and modest!) skirt for only $3.00!!!! Boy was I surprised. Of course, I didn't actually know that it was that cheap until after putting it into the cart, trying it on, adding it to my "like it" pile and looking through my "like it" pile to see what I really do like - and if I wanted to pay the price. My mom's eye balls popped as she said "Seren! This skirt is only THREE DOLLARS!" Like I said, boy was I surprised. Here is a picture Mom snapped of me in it:

Cute huh?

Well, I got couple more skirts and a dress out of the trip, too. The dress is my favorite out of everything! Doesn't it look like I just stepped out of a 50's diner? I think I just need the heels. :) You can't see it very well in the picture, but I'm wearing a string of antique-looking pearls, which complements the outfit very nicely. :)

Sigh. It's so nice to find cute, modest clothes! What I really went to Ross for was shirts, but, well, let's just say I was a little disappointed in their selection. I am learning to sew, so there is hope!


Anonymous said...

All the outfits are very cute! I like the dress especially, too.
~Princess S

Anonymous said...

Oh those are so very cute! Thank you for sending me this link. Posting them on the FF site now. :)

Lauren said...

Cute indeed! You seem to be a lovely young lady with a very lovely blog! Thanks for posting these pictures!

Lauren @ Pearls and Diamonds