Thursday, August 14, 2008

Hair Experimentations

Last week I was cruising the blog world, and found this deliciously delightful blog - 100% devoted to hair!! She Does Hair is a girly girl's dream.

This lady has three daughters, who, from what I can tell, are extremely patient, which she uses as guinea pigs for the new hair styles she creates. Most of the 'do's are just normal styles she tweaks a bit, so if you've had some experience doing hair, they shouldn't be too much of a challenge. If you don't, well, now is a good time to learn! I've had lots of fun learning to tame my sissy's tresses. In fact, here's MIT #2 now (please pardon the bad pictures; she was absolutely not in the mood for posing or sitting still).....

If you have some cute hair pictures you've blogged about, I would love to see them! Also, tell me what you think of this great site. :)


possum said...

I checked out that blog and the hair-do's are really interesting!!
The hair-do you did is awesome too!!

miss serenity said...

Thanks, Possum! I would love to see your hair creations on your sissies... :)

Miss Serenity

Anonymous said...

Awww, she's so cute! I can't wait 'til Baby C grows some hair! :) I'll have to try some new hairdos on K and C (seven and nine) for now. That blog is great!
~Princess S

Miss Serenity said...

Ah yes, I know. :) I have got the cutest little girl living right with me. It's a pleasure! Isn't it fun to have little sisters?

Miss Serenity

Grace said...

Those are some amazing hair dos! I want to know how you get her to sit for that - Bethie will barely sit still for one or maybe two little pony tails if I'm lucky. Usually she screams through the whole rituatal.

Miss Serenity said...

Hi Grace (for a second there I had to think about who "Grace" was :)! It's nice to hear from you.

Here are the things I do to try to get Little MIT to sit still:

I like to sit her at the table with a box of toys (like ponies or blocks) and do her hair while she is occupied.

Sometimes I just have her sit and try to make her stay still, and usually it works unless she's in a bad mood or it is a complecated hair 'do (or I'm just being a perfectionist!).

I like to make it seem like it's the time of her life to get her hair done. :) I usually coo and squeal as soon as I get done with one part of the 'do. I try to get her exited about it so she will cooperate.

Another thing I do if I'm in a rut: bribe. "Sissy will let you color with a *pink* marker soon if you let me finish!"

Well, that's what I've got to say on the matter. :)