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Cherishing Your Brother

Well, I am terribly sorry for my lack of posting. I've been pretty busy lately! My biggest project: re-decorating the bedroom I share with MIT #2. It should be done here sometime this week, so I'll be blogging about that shortly. Stay tuned!

For now, here is an article from Handmaidens of the Shepherd about cherishing your brother. I think all ladies who have brothers will benefit from this. I certainly have!

A. It has inspired me to invite Brother #1 to a luncheon on our "grounds" (you'll know what I mean after reading the article). :)

And B. It also reminded me that even through I do love my brothers, I really need to make that clear to them. I can't expect them just to "know". Since I know that Brother #1 loves hugs and little notes, Brother #2 loves it when I give or make him things and that Brother #3 loves it when I play with him, I've got to really make it a large priority to spend some time doing these things each day, expressing my love for them.

I hope this encourages and inspires you as much as it has for me. Enjoy!

Cherishing Your Brother - by Handmaidens of the Shepherd

It is heartbreaking to see the lovely relationships of Christian brothers and sisters remain uncultivated and allowed to crumble away. This is not what it was meant to be! Despite popular belief, brothers and sisters can be best friends - and should be! In hopes that you will be moved to cherish your brother (or sister) more, I wish to share with you something I was able to do to make my brother and I the very best of friends!

I yet remember the day I decided to show my eldest brother that I loved him and wanted to encourage him. First, I sent him a formal invitation written in the most elegant language I could muster, and which I still treasure in my Box of Memories:

It would be my highest pleasure and honor to be gifted with your presence at a small picnic tea held in your name upon the date of Wednesday, May 18, 2005 at the beautiful east grounds of our beloved Little Compound.
Your Eldest Sister,

The young man replied with all the elegant language Mama could muster:
My dearest, darling sister, [what flattery!]
It would be my most fondest wish to attend you graciously planned event. However, I must inquire as to the time if I am to avoid appearing at an hour not expected.
Awaiting your reply, I remain,
Your faithful brother,
[with a flourish!]

We settled for an o’clock sometime in the early afternoon. I spent the late morning preparing simple, yet delectable “tea things.” When I was finished, I had lovely platters stacked with moist pumpkin bread, sugary raspberry thimble cookies, and a pitcher of iced lemonade. I spread a flowery tablecloth on the grass by the shade of Palm Parliament (the name we have given to a band of palm trees sitting by the seawall!) and dressed in my finest raiment. My brother emerged from his bedroom at the appointed time, decked out in a tie and handsome gray suit. Playing the part of the gentleman he is, he escorted me to the picnic grounds. Soothing instrumental music was carried to us by the breeze from where the portable CD player was ensconced in the ferns.

What a joy it was to spend quality time with one of my brothers! We prayed, laughed and talked about both trivial and serious things. We shared the ways in which we were blessed by each other, and how happy we were to be brother and sister. Not only did my brother and I become closer to each other that day, but he committed himself to protecting womankind and defending the weak as a White Knight for the Lord!

Since then, I have seen a marked way in which I relate to this brother. More than ever before, we are sharing our thoughts, dreams, troubles, and laughter with each other. We read books together, laughing and crying at the same parts and discussing lessons we have learned. When I think about how much closer we are to each other now, I am so happy it hurts!

Please, girls, don’t allow this opportunity of joy slip by! Take the initiative, thrust aside any embarrassment you may have, and tell your brother how much you love him! Don’t wait!
Now, I will make no claim that this brother and I still don’t have our “disagreements” (aka. big fights); but, because we love each other so much, we are always in a hurry to reconcile ourselves to each other and continue on the wonderful journey of sister-brotherhood.

There are two books I would highly recommend to sisters who want to cultivate a precious friendship with their brothers. The first is Stacy McDonald’s Raising Maidens of Virtue. It was from this book that my family came up with having “Brother/Sister Teas” and other “events” we are going to make family traditions. The second is Home-Making by Victorian writer J. R. Miller (published by Vision Forum). In its chapter “Brothers and Sisters” it gives an absolutely beautiful vision for siblings to share. It shows you how truly wonderful the relationship with your brother or sister can be, and you will come away resolved to make things different! You will be blessed!

Study Notes
1. Describe your present relationship(s) with your brother(s).

2. Does this relationship reflect the will of God for your lives?

3. If not, what can you do to begin or restore a right relationship with him?

4. Once you have, how can you ensure that this wonderful relationship endures through the trials of daily living?

5. Many have commented that the way a sister treats her brother is reflective on the way she will treat her future husband. Do you agree or disagree, and why?

Text: Cherishing Your Brother. © Handmaidens of the Shepherd, September 2007.
Photograph: Untitled. From Art Explosion.

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Anonymous said...

What a great article.

I am so thankful for a young lady who loves her brothers in the manner of 1 Corinthians 13. We are blessed to have you!

Much Love,