Monday, August 25, 2008

Redoing my Room Part 1 - The Closet

It all started about two weeks ago when my mom and I cleaned out my closet. As you can see, I needed some organization, and maybe even a Goodwill pile. Of course, who else would I ask to help me to organize anything, especially my closet, than the Queen of Organizing?

So, first we turned on something to listen to (What's a Girl to do - by Doug Phillips)...

then started to work. First we took everything out of my closet, including my clothes. It took a good 20 minutes at the least! Seeing it all layed out made me realize I had a lot of stuff, and a lot of it, well, I really didn't use or even want.

So, we started figuring out what things I didn't use/want, and if any of it needed to be kept, just put away somewhere else in the house. For instance, my big box of Polly Pockets I never play with anymore: those were put with the rest of the toys for the girls when they get bigger.

Here's my Goodwill pile. Ahhhh. Just seeing all that stuff go made me feel so much better!

Then it came to putting everything back in. I think Mom did most of it, while I hung skirts on skirt hangers (Mom had a bunch she wasn't using, and I definitely needed them!).

Most keeper things went into my closet, while a few things found new homes. My set of plastic drawers that formerly held yarn and all my little gifts I like to have on hand, now empty, went into my little "bathroom" (really another closet someone installed a sink into), and a small bookshelf that I really didn't need went into the big storage closet off of Mom and Dad's room.

Finally, we put my shoes (and nothing else! :) into the hanging cloth shoe rack, put my box of craft stuff and a few other things onto one of the high shelves and put my key board behind my clothes. Ta-da! It's finished!


Hannah Sawyer said...

I showed Mom your post about organizing! And she went to my closet and said teasingly: I think you need to clean out your closet!! Mom said: that I shouldn't show her your posts about organizing!! HA HA!!

Hannah Sawyer

Anonymous said...

Your closet looks great! That's funny about your mom - K is our queen of organizing around here.
~Princess S