Monday, August 11, 2008

I've Been Awarded!

Thanks to Princesses in Disguise, I've been awarded my first blog award! How fun. Here's what Princess S said about my blog:
Serenity at Femininity in a Feminist World just started her blog for young ladies. I've been pen pals with her for two years now. She writes about living in a large family and being a "Mother in Training."
Here are the blogs I'd like to award:

1. Bopey's Blog is a recently founded blog, written by a busy 12 year old girl (and avid blog reader - she always takes the time to comment on what I've got to say :). I got the pleasure of meeting Rebekah last fall in Oregon at an eight day Sukkot celebration both our families attended.

2. Many people know about (and love!) A Pondering Heart, a lovely blog encouraging young ladies in being godly and feminine, so you probably aren't surprised I'm passing this award right along on to it. Miss Jocelyn covers many topics for young ladies, and I enjoy her modesty posts the most. :)

3. I like Maidens of Worth because of the encouraging posts the two young ladies write. They're topics cover daily happenings, and of things concerning young ladies who are striving to be more and more in the likeness of our King. They've been keeping up this blog for some time now. In fact, they just had their 2nd blogaversary today! Stop by and give them your encouragement and congratulations!

4. Visionary Daughters is a blog most of you know about, as well. Written by Anna Sofia and Elizabeth Botkin, the authors of the awesome book So Much More, it strengthens young ladies to stand strong against the culture. I blogged about them a while ago, and still think they are the most amazing ladies! They are extremely encouraging, and their well-written posts always catch my attention.

5. Of course, I can't give out Brilliate Blog Awards without awarding Mother Dear's blog - Fresh Thoughts From the Laundry Room! It's fun for me to read what she has written about our family. It's really more for frugal and homemaking moms (she writes about saving money on toothbrushes, making yogurt, ect.), but I am a learning-to-be-frugal and homemaking Mom in Training, so I still love it!

6. Speaking of being frugal, Biblical Womanhood is a blog written by a twenty five year old home school graduate who tries to use her money to the very best of it's abilities, by stretching, stretching, stretching it! She has even more great tips on being frugal on her other blog Money Saving Mom.

7. Lady Jess has a wonderful blog called From the Pages of My Heart. She writes many devotion-type posts, which encourage me in my walk with the Lord.

Well, there you have it! *Clap* *Clap* * Clap!* You all have truly brilliant blogs! Now, the rule is that you award seven other blogs with this award when you are awarded, so feel free to encourage bloggers you love!


Rebekah said...


How did you make the names of the blogs so you could click on them?

Miss Serenity said...


I typed the name of the blog, highlighted it with my mouse, clicked on the little ball with the chain around it (it's on the same line as the fonts, letter colors, ect.), typed in the blog address on the line it gives you - and there you have it! A link. :)

If you need more information on making a link, feel free to ask again!


Miss Jocelyn said...

Awww, you're so sweet! Thank you very much for awarding my blog. :) I think you definitely deserved this award!


Jennifer said...

Hey, you are such a fab daughter... have I ever told you that? Thanks for awarding your old mom a brilliant blog award for blogging about things like tooth brushes! Thanks, honey.