Thursday, August 7, 2008

Our last big summer activity....

swim lessons! For the last four mornings, and still four more to come, our family has been enjoying the company of life guards, kick boards and swim suits. Every one except Dad and Baby MIT are taking lessons!

Mom and I are in the mommy-and-me class with MIT #2 and Linus (the instructor and other mommies there all know I'm the sister, not young mommy!) and Brother #1 and Creative Genius are in Level one.

The mommy-and-me class has been fun! Mom and I switch off children every so often, so Mom can have time with each of them. The two Little's seem to be having fun. Linus says he likes playing with the boats and ducks the best, and when I asked MIT #2, she said, "Umm...potty?" I take the little ones to the bathroom before getting into the pool every day, and apparently she enjoys it! :)

Both older boys have said how they've been having lots of fun in their class, and how they like their teacher. My active and outgoing brother #1 already knows most of the techniques, but is learning to perfect and do them the right way, as he pretty much learned in our little two foot pool here at home. :) He's exited now that he can swim with his head out of the water, something that he has been wanting to do for a long time!

Creative Genius is a little more hesitant in the water, but his teacher is doing a good job helping him to become more confidant. His latest new thing is dunking his whole head under water, which he is very proud of! :)

Like Princess K said in her post about swimming lessons, swimming wears you out! I don't think the boys and MIT #2 feel much different after their naps, but I've sure been feeling the need for rest! So while it's nap time I like to lay down and read for an hour and a half (or, as in this case, blog) and after that I feel pretty refreshed and ready to tackle the rest of the day.

How have your last days of summer been? Relaxing? Busy? Maybe you've already started the school year. I would love to hear about it!

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