Sunday, August 10, 2008

My Dilemma in the Park

After swimming lessons last Thursday Mom, my siblings and I (Dad was at work) went over to a nice park to have a picnic lunch and play a bit.

The park had a little, shaded creek running through the side, which was where we ate, and where my brothers had fun romping and playing an army game.

I ventured out a little as well, getting myself stuck on a large tree branch in the water. You can't see it very well in the picture, but to get off I had to jump on to that large branch behind me, and then to the ground. Not exactly something that looked very appealing to me at the time.

Thankfully, just in time, I was saved by all three of my dear Knights in Shining Armor, who formed a human chain across the water for me to walk on - wait, here's what really happened:
Brother #1 (aka "Captain" in the game the boys were playing) skillfully showed me how to leap up and sort of sideways to the other branch, then hop to the ground, before taking off to lead another expedition.

Therefore, I was left all by myself, except for Mother Dear (loveliest of women) who was on the other side of the creek taking pictures, to decipher whether I should step into the slimy creek to get to dry ground, or try to jump onto the narrow, odd spot on the branch without falling in the water.

Well, I eventually got myself onto dry land via jumping (without getting wet), and carefully made my way to the tree that served as a bridge (see the picture above with Linus - he's sitting on it) to the other side of the creek, where Mom, and the two little MIT's were.
As you can tell (hopefully!) I have turned out all right, and have not suffered any serious trauma from my terrible experience. We'll see what next time brings. :)
Love always,

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possum said...

Sounds like fun!! ;)