Friday, August 1, 2008

My Friday

Ahhh. It is now Shabbat, and I am happily welcoming it. Today has been a typical Friday!

After doing my usual morning routine, waving goodbye to Mom as she went off on her usual Friday morning garage saleing spree and checking with Dad to see what he wanted to get done that morning, I headed downstairs to the big basement room (right now serving as our TV area, my sewing area and us kids' sleeping area when it's too hot to sleep upstairs) to put a little headway on the little blanket I'm making. I finally have one side done. Woohoo!

Ok, ok, I know it doesn't sound like much, but this is my first at-home sewing project! It's taken me a few months to get just this far - do to my lack of knowledge about letting the bobbin thread catch on the needle, and having to wait for Gram and Grampy's once a month visit to get it fixed. Last week I got to go to a two day sewing class, and that helped me understand things better - a lot better! But I'll save all my fun, yet feminine news on that for another post. :)

Anyway...where were we? Oh yes, I just did my sewing for the day. Next, I finished checking my math, a unit test, from yesterday. I can't say that I had fantastic results, but I'll spare you the details and save myself from complete embarrassment! ;)

I tackled my Joy of Womanhood next. There wasn't much to do, and only took my a few minutes. Joy of Womanhood is a personal devotion work book for all ages of Christian ladies. At first I wasn't really feeling like I was getting anything from it, or growing in any way in my relationship with the Lord, but lately I've started to like it more and have felt I'm really learning things. For more information on this book, visit the Keepers of the Faith website here.

After finishing my school work for the day, I did my Friday cleaning chore - cleaning the upstairs bathroom. Thankfully it wasn't it didn't get too dirty this week, so it didn't take all that long. Well, not much to say on that subject, so on to what I did next.

Pretty much, nothing. I got all the kids downstairs because they were waking up Baby MIT from her morning nap. That's NOT a good thing, let me tell ya. After that I went to the computer and added a song to my play list, checked my e-mail and an awesome blog I love - Daily Planet. Check it out here.

Mom came home to feed Baby MIT, then left again to seek out some more garage sales (Friday is morning is her morning off, so she comes home to nurse, then leaves again).

Dad wanted to surprise her today by putting up some new light fixtures in the living room she has wanted up there for a while, so he diligently started his work. I tried watching him at first, hoping to learn something, but was lost when he started screwing and putting things together. Oh well. I guess I'll just have to marry a Mr. Fix-it, because I think I'm hopeless in that area!

At noon, while Dad was in the middle of light fixture-ing, I made lunch, which consisted of leftovers - some of a somewhat spicy rice and hamburger dish and some tuna noodle salad. (Which was made with my own homemade mayonnaise! But alas, that too will be saved for another post.) No one was exactly thrilled, but the fridge is a little more empty from it!

At 1:00 I put the 3 littlest kids down to naps and spent my daily half-hour with Creative Genius, reading a few chapters of the Boxcar Children book we're reading. We've gone in order the best we can with the Boxcar books we own, and are now on number twenty. Creative Genius loves the Boxcar Children mysteries and enjoys trying to figure out what will happen at the end of the book. I must say, many of his theories are quite far fetched, but it's cute to hear what his answers are to all the questions and where a clue will lead. :)

At 1:30 Mom and Dad went on there usual Friday afternoon and evening date. I sent an e-mail and talked with a friend who stopped by while waiting for the nappers to wake up. Once they woke up at about 3 we had some snack - peach popsicles, made from Mom's yogurt and canned peaches, and cheese crackers. Mom and Dad came back to pick up Baby MIT after she woke up from her nap.

As for us other kids, we did some circle time, played with the Fisher-Price toys, painted and played outside before having dinner, which was frozen pizza (I like to have something easy so I'm not leaving the kids by themselves for too long) with carrots and grapes.

When we were done eating, I got their jammies on and brushed their teeth while Brother #1 did his dining room clean up chores. Then we went downstairs to watch a 1/2 hour movie before the 2nd MIT, Creative Genius and Linus went to bed. I cleaned up the kitchen, Brother #1 took a shower, Mom and Dad came home and by 8:30 PM my day of work was over!


Anonymous said...

Hey there,
It was neat to see a day in the life of Serenity. :)
~Princess S

lexi said...

Hi Serenity!
I thought I had a long busy day! I agree with Princess S, it was really great to see your whole day. Loved your shopping spree story as well, you look stunning in your new clothes. What a lovely young woman you've become. I'll see you in Yakima soon, me and Em are coming over around Aug. 22nd. All the best, Lexi