Tuesday, September 9, 2008

School Days

Yesterday was, officially, our first day of school. We started a new schedule (you know, Mom is the queen of schedules as well as organizing), received new school books and a "new" home school room. Yippee! :)

Our schedule covers the entire day, and really gets stuff done.

Here's what I will be doing every school day:
7 AM: Up and dress myself and MIT #2

7:30: Breakfast, Brush teeth

8:00: With the two little MIT's, overseeing the two younger boy's chores

8:30: Preschool time with MIT #2 and Linus

9:00: Spanish on home school computer

9:30: Math in basement TV room

10:00: Snack, Joy of Womanhood

10:30: Biology at my desk

11:00: English, Writing

11:30: With Dad for our Father-Daughter book

12:00: Sewing, Home ec

12:30: Lunch

1:00: Load lunch dishes, Free

1:30: Free

2:00: 1/2 hour with Creative Genius

2:30: Oversee Levi putting out snack, Free

3:00: Snack and watch Baby MIT while Mom does laundry and ironing

3:30-4:30: Free

5:00: Afternoon chore, start dinner

5:30: Making dinner

6-7:00: Dinner time, whole family with Dad while on his work lunch break

7:00: Kitchen chores (clean kitchen, load dishes)

7:30: Family read aloud

8:00: Shower or time with Mom

8:30: Free until bed time
So far, I've enjoyed our schedule. Like I said, it gets things done (I like that :), as well as keeps the chaos (aka: kids running around getting into trouble. You know what I mean.) and laziness (aka: spending most of my time reading, emailing or really doing nothing at all), much more suppressed. I like that too. :)

As for school...so far this year I have started Biology - God's Living Creation By A Beka, Themes in Literature which is also an A Beka Book, Writers INC - A Student Handbook for WRITING and LEARNING, put out by WRITE SOURCE and Rosetta Stone's Spanish 1. I took most of it about three years ago, but the CD broke, so we eventually got a new one, and here I am, re-taking it. Spanish is one of my favorite things; I love languages!

I am also taking Sewing through I Can Sew - An easy step-by-step to teach yourself to sew by Gretchen E. Smisor, which I started a few months ago, as well as Algebra 1 through Math-U-See which I started last April. I've also been doing the Joy of Womanhood workbook for a while now.

My weekly school check list:

If you've been keeping up on my mom's blog, Fresh Thoughts From the Laundry Room, you already know that she has totally remodeled our home school room. Stop by and see some of the before pictures. They're horrific. Here's some pictures of our freshly painted, newly organized version:

Well, there you have it: our first day of school.


Anonymous said...

Wow, your mom *is* organized! The schedule sounds fun - we need to get around to making one of those...
~Princess S

Anonymous said...

I like your schedule!! It must keep you busy!!