Thursday, September 25, 2008


For the past couple of days my family has been outside, working on our yard. We've planted three fruit trees, pruned one of our large lilac bushes, weeded our little raspberry garden and re-planted some tomato and squash plants. It feels good to be out in the fresh, crisp air getting things done! I think the boys especially enjoyed it.

A couple of months ago some family friends were generous enough to give us some little raspberry plants from their yard. We really don't have a garden, so Mother Dearest (loveliest of women) made a little area of dirt and compost behind our house by our shed.

Now, I know this sounds a little different...but we didn't actually weed our so-called "garden" - just watered it. So, of course, a bunch of thriving weeds sprung up. But along with those gigantic weeds came little tomato and squash plants, whose seeds were part of the compost we made last year.
We were very surprised and happy that our new friends had found a nice home in our yard, but we figured the raspberries needed a little room. On the first day we all started working outside, Mother Dearest (loveliest of women) got Active Boy and I weeding the overgrown area, to be able to see what was what, and try to let our raspberry plants breathe. After a bit, Active Boy left saying he needed a break, and never came back. :) So, I was left to finish the job.

After getting the little garden weeded, Mother Dearest (loveliest of women) replanted the tomato and squash plants, putting them in pots. She set up a little area in our sun room to put the pots in, hoping they would survive and not freeze this winter.

Obviously, you can tell our squash are not doing too well, so they just might have to be recycled right back in to the compost bin outside, but our tomatoes seem to be doing just fine. Maybe we'll get some fresh tomatoes this fall!

Our raspberry plants are now all ready for winter, with some leaves and compost over the dirt on top of their roots (so the they don't freeze). Even though I kind of enjoy weeding, it will be nice to have an easier time weeding our little garden.

Well, that's all for now. My next post: Pizza Making. Stay tuned!

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