Sunday, September 21, 2008

Dress Up Fun

My siblings love to dress up. We've had army guys, cow boys, pirates, princesses, super heros, robots - you name it - they've been in our house before!

Today Mom and I stopped by St. Vincent de Paul and picked up some dress up clothes (as well as a few other things :) that were out for Halloween (no, we don't celebrate it, just use it as a good opportunity to add to our dress up stash :) for the boys and MIT #2.

We bought the boys a race car outfit, a Superman outfit and a super hero outfit. MIT #2 received a princess dress and a bright pink sequin dress (who wouldn't want one of those??? :). While the littles were napping, I added the new items to our two dress up boxes - one for boys and one for girls - and put them out in the sun room. When Creative Genius, Mini Active Boy and MIT #2 found the boxes after waking up, they had a blast!


Rebekah said...

How cute! I love the first picture!

Anonymous said...

How fun! The little ones around here like to dress up too - most often it's as royalty. That's a good idea to buy costumes this time of year.
~Princess S