Friday, February 6, 2009

Tortilla Mess

Ok, so I tried making homemade tortillas the other day. Didn't turn out. We ate them, but let me tell you I'm never making them again. First of all, the dough was way too dry which resulted in very hard-to-roll-out tortilla balls (see above). Then, when I tried to fry them in the hot, dry pan like they called for, I burned them. Apparently 30 seconds is different where we live. I ended up throwing away about a third of the batch un-rolled and un-fried, and throwing away a good amount of already fried tortillas, but broken, flaky and burnt.

*Sigh* Ok, so I'm not as great a cook as I thought I was. But, I am getting better.


Rachel and Jessica said...

Oh, that's such a shame! I hate it when I ave these great ideas for making things at home only to have them turn out sooo wrong! I have found though, that it is not always me, that sometimes it was just a really bad recipe! So you might want to try them again sometimes later in life, just with a different recipe. When things go wrong in cooking, there is always a reason and it doesn't mean it's your fault. you might want to look at some cookbooks or articles online on how to make really great tortillas and then try it again! =:) I I had given up on making cookies (mine always turned out flat or burned or too brown - yuck!) then I never would have finally gotten to make perfect cookies! It is such a great accomplishment when you work hard trying to archive something and finally make it! =;)


Jennifer said...

Hey, don't be so hard on yourself. How are you ever going to learn if you don't have some challenges along the way?

You are - by far - the best 15 year old cook that I've ever met and, of course, MUCH more knowledgable than I was at 24!

You're doing great. Keep trying. Don't give up because of one little set back!

I expect my grandchildren to have, hot, fresh, whole grain tortillias at least once a week, ok? :)

Hannah said...

Hi Serenity! You will get better at it I'm sure. My dad is actually spanish so, my grandma makes the BEST tortilla's!(and any other mexican food) I like to make tortillas, we don't make em very often because they are a little difficult at times. How about this, I'll make a special post for you on how to make tortillas? Hmmmmm....maybe more like a tutorial.LOL No, I'm just kidding, I will make apost for ya on tortillas.
Miss Hannah

His Talmidat said...

Miss Serenity,
I've only just started reading your blog, since reading your mom say she couldn't imagine how she got along for so long without a teenage daughter. What a blessing you seem to be to your family! Anyway, I just wanted to say, keep trying. To be 15 and struggling with tortillas is much better then being 27 and struggling with tortillas. And don't give up when things get tough (not that you really are of course) because it just makes every new and diffucult thing that much more difficult. Keep up the good work!

Lexie said...

Dont worry about it Serenity I'm sure they tasted delicious! I wish I had the determination you do to cook like you do for your family.

Miss Jocelyn said...

Aw sorry. I can make decent looking tortillas but still I need some practice.

What recipe did you use? It also helps if you use olive oil, instead of flour, to grease your rolling space and hands. Adding more flour makes the dough hard - like what you said. Maybe try that and it would help.

Also, what kind of flour did you use? :)

princessesindisguise said...

Aw, that's too bad. I've never tried making tortillas but some friends of mine do. They use a "tortilla maker" though, which I think is a waffle iron of sorts for tortillas.