Thursday, February 26, 2009

15 Things About Me... #1

I have been tagged for sharing fifty things about me. While I could probably spout off that many in an hour or so, eventually things would get pretty boring. So, I've decided to do my fifty in chunks. Feel free to join me!

1. While I hate writing reports, stories, reviews or anything of the sort, they haven't bugged me near as much since I started blogging.

2. I went to a Christian school from kindergarten through fourth grade. Ever since, I've been home schooled.

3. I love pink! My coat is pink, my nails are currently painted pink, even my bedroom is painted the color.

4. My favorite books to read are mysteries.

5. I have read nearly every single book in the Boxcar Children series, due to the fact that it was my first chapter book series I started reading in second grade (Mrs. Dejong let me borrow the books from the third and fourth grade room, such a treat).

6. I have sang in Hebrew at a few talent shows before.

7. I have two grandmas, one grandpa (not counting the greats :), four aunts, two uncles and twelve cousins.

8. I like to keep my shoes in tip-top shape. I have one pair of grungy tennis shoes, but the rest have been baby-wiped an innumerable amount of times.

9. The ladies in the house, due to my dad's request, have been skirts/dresses only since I was twelve.

10. We have a little homemade burgundy sign held up by cream ribbon on our office door that says "Happiness is Homemade".

11. I have four pen-pals.

12. I love Butterfinger Mcflurrys at McDonalds. Last Sunday, Mom and I went there to have some fifty cent ice-cream cones, and to find some free papers, so you could imagine my delight when Mom came to our table bearing two Butterfinger Mcflurrys. Apparently the girl didn't really know what she was doing, and for some reason she couldn't serve us the cones, so she gave us the Mcflurrys instead at the same price. Score!!!

13. I'm not very fond of wearing purple. While I do have a few shirts and skirts in the color, I don't wear them much because I don't think that they're one of "my colors". I look the best in fall colors.

14. One time while cleaning up our table after dinner at a retreat, I noticed someone hadn't drunken all of their milk. I was sort of embarrassed to give the people the half-full cup for them to dump down the drain, so I decided to drink it myself. Well, I took one big gulp and discovered why that person hadn't drunken it. The milk was filled - and I mean filled - with salt. Must have been one of the little kids. I have never been able to comfortably drink milk since.

15. I have been blogging since July 20, 2007.


Rachel said...

I had to LOL at the salt milk. Yikes!

Rebekah said...

#14 Oh dear! That doesn't sound very fun!

Lexie said...

If you love ice cream have you been to cold stone creamery? I used to work at one when I was younger and they make some of the best ice cream! My favorite was cake batter with gummy bears.

Miss Serenity said...

Lexie - Yes, I LOVE Cold Stone! I would go there every day if I could. :) I'm not sure what my favorite kind is, but I sure do love to make my own "creation". That's cool you worked there! Did you sing with the other employees like the ones I've been to?


Terry said...

Serenity Wow an awesome name.
15 things about me hmm where to begin ?
1.I love Jesus and I know He loves me.
2.I am a stay at home wife,mother so on and so forth because I choose to be blessed.
3. I love our Constitution which our ancestors fought so hard to establish for the glory of God the Father.
4.I love sunshine,snow,windy summer days,rainy spring mornings and stormy summer nights.Fall leaves.
5. I love living in Texas.
6.I have an awesome husband and son whom we homeschooled.He is now grown and plans on doing the same whenever God reveals his wife to be.
7.I enjoy learning about this new to me blogging .
8.I love to research family history.
9. I love walking on a sandy beach.
10. Talking to my great Aunt on the phone .She does not have acomputer.
11. I love to write letters by hand.
12. I adore fresh flowers of all kinds.
13. Growing plants .
14. reading to children .
15. Learning that there are a lot more people who are not being sucked into the feminist way of living but embracing femininity.

Lexie said...

Yeah whenever someone would tip us we would sing lol.