Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Our Little Trip

Last weekend we went on a little "vacation" to the Seattle area, visiting friends and family. While we didn't get a million pictures, due to camera batteries going out right before Shabbat (of all days), I'll share part of our little adventure with you.

Please pardon my lack of posting! A four day trip is a lot longer then four days if you count preparing and getting life back to normal. :)
Talk to you soon!


LocaChica said...

Those pictures are neat :) Looks like you had lots of fun! You're right about a four day trip being longer than a four day trip counting the preparation and then getting back into the swing of things at home. We're going somewhere this weekend for three days, and the chaos, packing, and excitement has already started. This is multiplied xALOT when you live in a large family!!
Thanks for sharing :D

Laura said...

Hi Ms Serenity!

I love the pictures! You guys must've had tons of fun! Haven't heard of you in a while. I got that blog set up some time ago. Sorry for forgetting to send you the URL. It's I know it isn't a very good blog, but I tried your tips, and I hope things come out better this time. Sorry anyways.
Just wondered if you checked my old blog. I don't know if I made any progress... shrug. Oh well...

Anyway, thanks for sending me the tips. You're awesome!