Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Hairdo Help

Lately I've been trying to experiment with new hair styles on my hair. Only, the problem is that my hair is so long (to my waist) that it just doesn't work with the ones I see in tutorials or magazines - even the ones for "long tresses". Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions? If at least three people post hair style tutorials on their blogs I'll blog about them. Any comments would be very welcomed too!



Emilie said...

I had a hard time with my long hair, too! It was too heavy to hold up with pins, but if divided it into sections and used pins and lots of hairspray, it could work. Another of my favourites - I'd french braid my hair into 2 sections, one on each side of my h ead. Then, using pins, I'd make a roll at the nape of my neck. It was kind of cute, if time consuming. Good luck!

~*~*Princess of 8*~*~ said...

i totally agree...
hair is always a problem with me... :)

i wish i had advice for you!! but im just as well off as you are! lol ;)

<3 u!

Robert said...

Here's a link to a Regency hairstyle.The one who uses it has long hair.


LocaChica said...

I wish I could help you! I have the completely opposite problem, I have short hair. Just recently I donated 14 inches of my hair to Locks Of Love. I'm growing mine out again, I miss my long hair soo much! The good thing is, my hair grows about 8 inches a year, which is faster than the average person's hair grows. I hope somebody is able to recommend links or something that will help you!

Elizabeth J. said...

I don't have really long hair but it still is long enough that I sometimes have the same difficulty. Here's a link to a blog that had some helpful hairstyle hints.http://authbeau.blogspot.com/2009/05/feminin-tresses-defi-one-week-challenge.html

P.S. I have dropped by your blog before but am not certain if I've commented. Feel free to stop by my blog.

Jo-snazz said...

I have about 3 inches to go till it is at my waist, but I just do boring stuff. Bobbypins don't work very well, but my friend uses amish pins, and she says they're great, you might want to look into it. I use mini octopus clips, which work great for any updo. However, they're a little chunky.

Briana said...

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Hannah said...

Hey! I do a lot of french braids in my hair. That way the weight is spread out! I have also seen my friends do their hair in 2 braids(or you could do 1), and wrap it around their head in a sort of crown. That might not work if you have thick hair though.

JoyfulJewels4Jesus said...

Hello Miss Serenity!
Here are 2 ideas...

1~ A Double Pony Tail (a ponytail with a feminine touch): Gather the top half of your hair and tie with a hair tie. Then gather the rest of your hair and tie another pony tail. And you are done!

2~ A Ballerina Bun: Make a ponytail and twist into a bun. Secure with bobby pins. If you'd like...you could add a pretty feminine ribbon.

Hope this helped!
Have a nice day!
Joyfully in Jesus, Elizabeth

Miss Serenity said...

THANK YOU everyone for your feedback! I'll absoluty have to try some of your ideas. :)


Leslie said...

I can totally feel for you Serenity! My hair is so long I can sit on it and it's not as fun wearing it down or in a pony tail all the time! I'm enjoying the ideas others posted here :)

Rhani Lott said...

This style is pretty simple, but it seems to be popular lately.