Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Monstrous Regiment of Women

A few nights ago Mom and I snuggled up in some warm blankets to watch a documentary that our good friend Alena lent to us. We didn't know quite what to expect, only that it was "really good".

Not only was The Monstrous Regiment of Women good, it was wonderful! It was such a blessing to my mother and I by not only encouraging us in our views as feminine, godly ladies, but by also (at least to me) exposing what feminist actually are. Very interesting. Definitely worth the watch!

Note: I would suggest that parents watch the documentary with children, older children, at that. There is a good amount of screen time that talks about abortion and promiscuity, as well as a clip of a baby being aborted.


Miss Hannah said...

Hey, maybe I could send you a jar of salsa! I do plan on canning some.:) Thank's for your comment! That's all for now.
Miss Hannah

tami said...

i have wanted to learn more about this for a long time! thank you so much for posting it!

dukygurl said...

your youtube post was very good thanks for sharing. I can't believe what was said by the woman who worked in abortion clincs!! I am a mother of two little daughters. I am amazed and shocked I don't want that sort of thing for my children.
I agree with one of the women who stated that she believes the world "hates children" I have come across people who seem to truly feel this way. I am convinced to pray for our country now.