Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Homeschool Art Class

At the moment, all school-book school is at a temporary stop. Instead, we are starting a garden unit, and I've been having art class up in my bedroom. It's been quite fun!

Here's my *ahem* "quarter bath" that's off my bedroom, in the beginning:

It's needed some work for a while now, and being that we're having a little time off from school, it seemed the perfect time to give the little room a cheap face lift - a couple coats of paint. While Mom and I were at Home Depot getting supplies for the garden, we picked up a gallon of "Cloudy Dream", aka Melon-y Pink, to bathe the walls in.
Of course before painting the little room needed some prepping. Thanks to Active Boy the ugly towel rack was removed.

Then I primed the walls and cupboard white...

While I was at it I primed a little rocking chair we've had for while that Mom and I thought would look so cute white!

After priming I painted the trim white. I also took a little while to quickly get the chair done, which looks great in the corner of my MIT #2's bedroom holding the teddy bears Mrs. Noa has made for us girls now (Thanks so much!).

Painting the color was the fun part. By then I pretty much had it down and was whippin' through. Here is my finished master piece!


Rebekah said...

Such a pretty color! Does that bathroom only have a sink?

Miss Serenity said...

Yes, it does. It's pretty much a closet with a sink and laminate!


Kinsey said...

Really looks better and fresher once you got done love it!