Friday, March 27, 2009

Blink Blink...

Along with learning new words practically every day, Baby MIT has a new trick - she now plays "The Blinking Game"! I caught her on camera the other day... and as you'll see I tried to get her to say "diaper", her new word, but alas, she would not perform. Anyway, her is Baby MIT playing The Blinking Game. :)


**For some reason, the sound and picture are off, so bear with me!**


Rebekah said...

Adorable!! She is getting so big!

Missi said...

Arianah was sitting here watching the video and said "bye bye" everytime you told Baby MIT to say it :)

Emilee said...

how cute!!!! i am guessing that is you talking to her...but i dont know as i have never heard your voice =) ttyl

Savannah Grace said...

she is so sweet, yes your card got here on time, Rosie says thank you!
Bethany is turning three April 1st! i cant beleive how fast she is growing! she is waaaaaayyyyy to smart to be three.

Miss Hannah said...

CUTE!!! Hey, do you think that you could post a tutorial on how to get videos uploaded onto your blog? I have a fun movie of my brother that I wanted to put on, but I don't know how!
Miss Hannah

Mia said...

Too cute!
She's adorable, and so blessed to have a wonderful family such as yours!!
In Christ,