Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Little Life Update

Well, here I am, at the library, loving the use of this computer! Our internet has been down for a few days, and I haven't really been on the computer much at all for the past week altogether. This month, I've got cakes galore to make! Well, at least more than I'm used to. :) Like you saw, the second was Baby MIT's birthday, then last Tuesday was 'Lil Active Boy's, then on Wednesday and Thursday I had a cake order to do, then this Saturday I've got a chocolate mint cake to make due to Mom's birthday... Anyone else have a birthday I need to bake and decorate for? I think I've got some leftover blue and orange icing in the fridge... :) Unfortunately, I can't share any pictures from here, but as soon as I'm able I certainly will!

Some other things going on in the Darling Household?

- Baby MIT is working to master running (too cute!)
- The boys have a multitude of clubs going on in various parts of the house. One of them is a spying club. I think Creative Genius has been delegated the Serenity (my favorite sister) Case.
- We are preparing for Passover. More on that in a future post.
- Mr. Darling will be sanding and refinishing the hardwood in the kitchen, living and dining room. Yahoo!

Ok, well Mother Dearest is standing impatiently behind me waiting to g-o. Hopefully more soon!


Anonymous said...

Hey I've always wanted to celebrate the passover!!! I can't wait to hear more about it!!!


Kinsey said...

Hey!! I have always wanted to celebrate passover!!!!
I can not wait to hear more about it!!

~Miss Hannah~ said...

Hey Serenity! Sorry I haven't commented in so long!:( I got my gift in the mail today. I just wanted to say:


I put the little lavender thing in my purse! It' makes everything smell good! I also love the lip gloss. It smells so yummy, you almost want to eat it!!!:D Out of curiosity, what did you use as the base? I was thinking I might want to make some to give to a friend? Anyway's, thanks for the fun stuff again!
~Miss Hannah~

p.s. I am having an apron giveaway!

Hannah said...

I am missing your posts! :P I awarded you! You are definitely someone who is going against the flow of the world!

God Bless!

~Miss Hannah~ said...

Hey Serenity! I awarded ya!
~Miss Hannah~

Rebekah said...
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