Saturday, March 21, 2009

March Cakes

Well, our computer is back in the game, so here I am! Here are the promised cake pictures I've done.

'Lil Active Boy's fourth...

Now, for some reason I can't move the pictures anymore, hence the two in a row above. So, I'll just tell you about each one down here.
The evening right after I finished the airplane cake, I stayed up doing the dolphin cake, my second one ordered! (To see my first cake-for-money, a wedding cake, go here.) It definitely got my creative juices pumping as I had to work around some difficulties, but in the end I think it turned out pretty good. The little nine year old who's birthday it was for liked it, anyway.
Then, today I did Mom's cake for her thirty-fifth birthday! She didn't really want anything fancy, I just had to be sure it was chocolate mint - her favorite. :)

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Anonymous said...

These cakes are gorgeous Serenity!

Love, your SSA