Tuesday, December 9, 2008

We Don't Celebrate Christmas

Yes, it's true. We really don't. Find out why here, at The Pilgrim Path.

Now, while we don't celebrate Christmas, we do believe in Jesus Christ. Did you know He was really born on the Biblical Feast called Feast of Tabernacles, or Sukkot? Well, since Jesus wasn't born on Christmas, what's the point of celebrating this pagan holiday?

I would love to hear your opinions!


Lexie said...

Me and my family celebrate Christmas as a commercial holiday without really any religious overtones since Jesus wasn't born in December.

Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Serenity!

Thank you for kindly linking to my blog post about Christmas. I'm surprised at the number of believers who do not take part in that "holiday", although we're still in the minority.

I'm so happy to have discovered your mom's blog, too! I'll be following both of your blogs and look forward to reading your posts.

Grace and peace to you,

Mia said...

Thanks for sharing this, Serenity! I haven't found many who have this outlook as well (it being a pagan holiday). Although we still celebrate Christmas by exchanging homemade gifts, its more of a humble "reflection" of Christ's birth. We're not going to have a christmas tree, but in its place, the nativity scene.
Your Friend,

Miss Serenity said...
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Miss Serenity said...

Lexie - That's an interesting way to do it... So you're supporting...the economy???

Mia - Has your family considered looking into the celebration of Christ's real birth date, Sukkot?

Brenda - We are both so glad to have you! Welcome to our little corner of the bloggy world. :)

Thanks for your comments, ladies! I would be so happy to continue this discussion with you; it's one of my favorite topics.


Lexie said...

Well my family isn't really religious so the most religious thing we do during the holidays is have a nativity scene, but thats as far as it goes in my family. I know since your family is jewish you guys do Hanukah (bad spelling I know) when I have kids I have no idea how I'm going to celebrate Christmas since Jesus wasn't even born then

Dalyn (AKA The Queen of Quite Alot) said...

We agree, and are just learning more about all the details and rethinking why we do what we do. ALthough Christmas has roots in paganism, in AMerica it has become something attached to really only materialism...it's all very interesting to investigate and think about.

Mia said...

I've actually never heard of Sukkot--I think that's a great idea to celebrate the *real* time of Christ's birth!
ps) Do you know the exact date by the season or month? This is a great topic, by the way!

A Young Lady In Waiting said...

I've never heard of a christian not celebrating Christmas until this year. I find it very intriguing, I've been reading into but so far I don't see it wrong to celebrate or wrong not to do so. I'm planning to talk to my parents about this. Praise God for you taking a stand for what you believe.

Lacy, A Godly Maiden said...

Our family doesn't celebrate christmas either, and hasn't for at least 8 years (from what I can remember). I actually wrote a post on my blog ( http://lacy.obeyingthetruth.com/blog/2008/11/the-christmas-spirit/ ) about "The Christmas Spirit".

I wanted to say more, but now I can't remember what I was going to say. I'm terrible at leaving comments. ;)

~ Lacy

Pastor Steven said...

Miss Serenity,

Many believers think that "The pagan origins of Christmas is a myth without historical substance".

There is a good artical by William J. Tighe at www.touchstonemag.com just click on archives and type in Decemeber 2003 the artical is called "Calculating Christmas".

This is a different piont of view!

I will say I like your blog, I'm interested in our Jewish root's. Hope you do not mind the comment.



A Young Lady In Waiting said...

BTW, You have been tagged!


Jennifer said...
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Randy said...

Reply to Pastor Steven from
Serenity's DAD:

Though the article you quote from is very "reasonable" in regard to history, it ignores the first 300 or so years of the faith, when the Latin and Eastern church separated from its Jewish roots. There is evidence even as late as the third century that believers were celebrating Passover, not Easter, and were kicked out of the "church" for it.

The article you quote does not address the many customs Christians use today to celebrate this holiday. Not one of them is biblical in origin. To justify a holiday because the Latin church did it is shaky ground at best, considering how far they had fallen from the root of their faith, the faith of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob; the faith of Moses, Israel, and David. The faith of the Messiah, Yeshua. None of these celebrated a holy day at this time of the year. We do know that it was on Hanukkah that Yeshua said, I am the Light of the World.

Many believers today, disgusted by the commercialization of Christmas, knowing that Yeshua wasn't born then, are looking to the Word of God for answers. There they find the biblical festivals. All of them pointing to Yeshua, all of them commanded by God to observe, none of them mixed with pagan customs, like the Christmas tree.

For more on this, see my guest post
"It Just So Happens..."

Miss Serenity said...

Thanks so much for all your comments! Like I said before, I Christmas is one of my favorite topics to talk about. :)

Mia- Jesus was born on the first day of Sukkot. Since the calendar we use is different than the Jewish calendar, Sukkot always starts on different dates. So I'll give you the Hebrew date of Jesus's birth - the 14th day of Tishrei.

Steaven- Thank you for the comment! I am always open to hearing other opinions, as long as they are in a godly manner, like yours was. :)

Sydney- While it may not be "wrong", what's right about celebrating a holiday that has so many pagan traditons weaseled in it's not even funny, all in the name of a birthday celebration that isn't even on the right day?

Glad to hear you're thinking about this, and talking to your parents about it! Of course, I'm not in the position to tell anyone what to believe, but I do like to make people think. :)


Pastor Steven said...

Miss Serenity,

I will read your Dad's post, thanks for your kind reponse.

Randy, I will read your guest post first and responed there.



A Young Lady In Waiting said...

Hmmm, Its starting to seem a lot like "Halloween". Its been done for so long Christians no longer challenge the pagan roots. I have never celebreated "halloween' nor have we ever viewed it as any thing more than just another day.

My mom said that it seems silly not to celebrate His birth and since we don't know for sure what day He was born the 25th is as good as any. Its been an interesting research! I'm not sure of my view on it yet but I have been looking into!