Thursday, December 4, 2008

Gum Drop Pillows

Here is my first sew-from-a-pattern project; Gum Drop Pillows! Since it's another first for me, and I greatly enjoyed the process, I thought you might like to hear how these pillows came to be, and see a few pictures.

I got the idea to sew them about a month ago when my mom and I were at Craft Warehouse. I was aimlessly wandering around the fabric area, when I saw some sample pillows sitting on a shelf. As soon as I saw them, I knew I just had to make one! After thinking about it for awhile, I figured I could make two pillows with coordinating fabrics, as holiday gifts for some friends of mine, who are sisters.

My mom and I ended up coming back a week later, to shop at the big Craft Warehouse yearly sale, and that's when I bought all my material and the pillow pattern (both of which were largely discounted!!). Since the store was crazy busy, and we knew the fabric cutting line would soon be extremely long, my mom and I ran (ran!) to look at fabric together. I quickly decided on the fabric for the first pillow, and Mom ran (ran!) to get in line with it. While she was waiting, I quickly looked for somewhat matching fabric for the second pillow. Before finding any, my eye caught the Cottage Romance fabric collection. I thought it was so cute, so I ran over and picked out my favorites for both pillows, and got them to Mom just in time before the sales lady cut the fabric I had previously picked. Whew!

The next day, Monday, I cut out all my fabric. I was a little worried I wouldn't quite like what I had gotten, as I made my final fabric choices in about 6.2 seconds, but I was extremely pleased when I had everything layed out.

Then, I spent a few days embroidering my friend's names onto the two, small octagon-shaped pieces, that would end up being on the tops of the pillows.

That Wednesday, my grandparents came to spend the rest of the week with us, so my grandma was able to help me tremendously in sewing all the pieces together. Thanks Gram!

On Thursday night, we got the pillows done. Here is Valentina's...

...and here's Galina's.

I love the way they turned out! Since the ladies live not too far from my grandparents, my grandma was able to drop the pillows off at their house the following week. And, from what I understand, the girls loved them too!


Becki said...

Those are so cute! Abby would love something like that. We'll have to look for the pattern. We just discovered the Craft Warehouse here and absolutely love it!


Anonymous said...

Very cute! And that's nice that you put the extra effort into embroidering their names; it turned out really good!