Monday, December 8, 2008

Our Little Sweetie Pie

Last time we chatted about Baby MIT, she was just starting to pull herself up. Now she is 9 months old, and doing much, much more! Here are some of her recent accomplishments....

  • Clapping - she does this whenever she hears music, or when someone says "Yay!"
  • Talking...sort of. She says "Mama" and "Dada", although sometimes not for the right person :) ; she says "uh-oh!" whenever she drops something; once in a while she'll say book; and last but not least, sometimes she'll say "up" when (can you guess?) she wants up. :)
  • Waving. She's been waving "hi" for a while now (and says "ha" along with it), and just started waving "bye" not too long ago.

  • Learning sign language. She knows and uses "all done" and "more". I love the "more"! Sometimes I'll be eating pretzels or some sort of snack, and she'll crawl over, pull herself up on my legs and I'll give her a piece. After she's eaten that piece, she'll start jabbering loudly (sometimes very loudly!) for more. I'll ask her, "You want more?" and she'll smile and do the sign. :) After that, she'll keep on doing the sign each time she wants more. Sometimes I won't be paying attention, and I'll look down and she'll be fervently signing "more". :)

  • Playing little games. Every so often she catches on to something, like blinking eyes, and copies it. Then it gets to: you blink, she blinks, you blink, she blinks, you blink, she blinks and so on until one of you gets tired of it! Her very favorite and most recent game though, is "So Big!" She never gets tired of it. To play, you say "How big is ____ ?" Baby lifts his hands up, and you say, "So big!" Every single one of my siblings has played that game and loved it. I'm sure yours would too!

  • Eating solids. Mostly she eats anything that we're eating, just cut up in very small pieces.

  • Almost walking. She's been using the little walker we have, and cruising around the living room area. She loves that thing!

  • Climbing stairs. She is definitely good at that! She also can climb down if she wants too, but we try to be right there for that, as she's not too good at it yet.

I can't believe she's already doing all these things! It seems like yesterday she was born in our living room, all small, pink and... so baby like. I can't wait to see her grow even more!

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Anonymous said...

Aw, she's so cute! That story about her signing is funny. We've been trying to teach Cherry a few (like eat, more, and night-night) but she hasn't been interested in doing them herself. Or maybe we just haven't been consistent enough.