Sunday, December 14, 2008

Ten Things I Do on a Daily Basis

I've been tagged by Miss Sydney, over at her blog While I Wait, for this little bloggy game! I've been seeing this tag around on different blogs, and I thought it looked like fun, so of course I was exited to see I've been tagged for it. Thanks, Sydney!

The Rules:

~Post the six to ten things you do on a daily basis (they don't have to be lengthy like mine are :)
~Link to the person who tagged you.
~Tag five other people
~Leave a comment on the blog of the person that tagged you letting them know that have posted this to your blog.
~ Tag at least one person who's blog you have either just found within the last week or some one who's blog that you don't know very well.

Some things I do...

1. Cook dinner. I am currently on "dinner duty" and cook dinner almost every day, although a one or two times a week Mother Dear will cook it for me. :)

2. Spend a half an hour with Creative Genius. Every week day after the littles have gone down for naps, he and I spend some time doing something he enjoys. Right now he's into being read chapter books, and we're about to finish "Changes For Kirsten" by Janet Shaw, which he picked himself out of our box of library books. :)

3. Exercise. Mother Dear and I have been doing different aerobic videos together just about every afternoon, taking a break on Friday and Saturday (Dad's days off). Personally, I love them! It's nice to feel the results. For example, when we first started exercising, crunches just about killed me! Now, depending on the video, I can almost all the repetitions. Also, I feel so energized for the rest of the afternoon, a time when I normally start to drag.

4. Knit. Right now I'm trying to finish a cable knit scarf I've been working on-and-off on for ages!

5. Lead "Serenity's Way Fun Preschool". Each week day morning at around nine o'clock I have a half-hour of preschool time with MIT #2, Mini Active Boy and Creative Genius. Every week we have a new unit, such as Farm Animals or Construction Workers, that we read books about, sing songs about and do craft/art projects about. It's fun! This week we're doing a Winter theme, with some Hanukkah things thrown in.

6. Dance...sort of. I love ballet, and since I haven't had lessons since I was eleven, I'm not very good at it, resulting in me making up a lot of my own twists and turns. Not too long ago, I sashayed through our living room to get something in our kitchen, and my Uncle Rusty asked, "What's she doing?" My dad answered, "Oh, just being Seren." It's true! I don't walk to get somewhere - I twirl, whirl or sashay. :)

7. An afternoon chore. On Mondays I sweep and mop our front or back porch, depending on which one needs it the most. :) On Tuesdays I sweep the upstairs hallway, the stairs and the downstairs hallway. On Wednesday I vacuum the beds and put new sheets on them. On Thursday, I sweep and mop our living and dining room (the floors are wood). On Friday I clean the upstairs bathroom. And on weekends I'm free. :)

8. Every night when I cozy MIT #2 in bed in our room, I turn on our baseboard heater. Even though we have Natural Gas, for some reason our bedroom doesn't have a register to vent heat. Our house was built in 1914, and I've often wondered what it was used for when it was built. No one could sleep in it, that's for sure! I actually like having a baseboard heater though. In our old house, which was practically new, there was a vent in my room, but sometimes the temperature would get a little chilly, since my room was under ground (we had a split-level house), and we'd have to bring in a second heater. I enjoy being able to heat my room with just one now, and always being able to control it! :)

9. Listen to music. Every day, right before Dad comes home for dinner on his lunch break, we have "bike time". The two older boys get out their scooters, and the the two younger kids get out their bikes and ride around and around through our main floor, which is built so you can go from the living room to the entry way, through the hall, through the kitchen, to the dining room, then back to the living room, all in one circle. Usually in that time, we have some upbeat worship music playing, which I enjoy working to as I finish dinner. Lately, we've been listening to World's Best Praise & Worship. Sometimes I even give it a couple rounds on the scooter!

10. Talk to my grandparents on the phone. My grandpa ("Grampy," we call him) likes to call and chat about different things he's seen on the news, or talk with my mom or I about something we've blogged about, give us the update on a family member or just see how we're doing. My grandma (we like to call her "Gram") enjoys calling to hear how we're doing, likes to talk with Mother Dear about things (like, "Hey, I'm at Goodwill, and there's this really good pair of jeans here that look like they might fit Active Boy. I know he goes through jeans in a snap, so I thought these might be good for him. What size does he wear again?") and sometimes she calls with a favor for me to do, like look up the address for such-and-such place on the internet, then look up on Map-Quest how long it would take for her to get from where she's at to such-and-such place. I'm her little secretary! :)

Well, there's my ten things. :) I would like to tag:

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-And lastly, for my blog that I don't know very well, I'm tagging Miss Kaitlyn at her blog, Purple Princess

Thanks again, Sydney, for tagging me!


Jennifer said...

You know, Seren, I really think you should treat your readers to a few pictures. I'm sure you can find some great ones of your dancing!!! :)

Love and Kisses,


princessesindisguise said...

This is a fun tag! I learned lots more about you just from that peek into your day. We'll put ours together soon!