Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day Apron

This year my Happy Mother's Day Gift was this cutesy reversible apron. Mom was thrilled! I won't bore you with the whole story (since it's kind of long), but she picked the materials out herself about two years ago, never knowing I would use them.
Well! Since you seem to have some time, I might as well tell you what happened...

A while back Mom decided she wanted to sew herself an apron. Now, you must understand, my mother is not one who sews very often, doesn't like patterns and would rather do it her own way. But of course, she found a apron she liked; and to make it, she needed the pattern. So she bought it and the fabric for two aprons and put them away until my grandmother came on her once a month weekend visit.

Well, Gram came and they cut and sewed the first apron with success! The cherry apron looked (and still looks) adorable. Mother Dearest cut out the floral fabric for the second apron... and that's about as far as she got with that.
Now it's been two years and the apron cut outs and pattern have been sitting in a plastic bag... Mom has lost a significant amount of weight, so they'll probably not be used again.
But wait! Her very favorite daughter gets a wonderful idea. Why not size the cutouts down to the size that would fit her, since the patterns for the other sizes are still in the bag, and present to her the finished apron for Mother's Day?
So, the MIT re-cuts the fabric pieces, sews up the apron (with a little help over the phone from Gram on the shoulder straps) and packages it up for her Very Favorite Mom Ever.

Mom receives the gift and is very happy and surprised. She loves it! En fait, even as she sits and reads Hobby Farm Magazine at 8:48 PM, she is wearing it still. :)


Rebekah said...

What a good present, your mom is blessed to have you!


PS I especially love that piece of mail in the background of the picture of you!

Jennifer said...

What a good girl you are. What a great post this is. I love you too.

Hannah said...

Hey Serenity!

You did a wonderful job! Someone else made ma an apron just like that one. Although, it was differetn fabrics. I had to wear it for a wedding. I am going to post about some night gowns I make...............whenever I do!lol.

~Hannah Paige♥

Elizabeth J. said...

Cute aprons!

Rachel said...

What a great surprise and you did an awesome job. The apron is so cute!

Jennifer, you look awesome!!!

Lexie said...

It's funny your mom looks like she could pass for your older sister instead of your mother because she looks very young. Do you guys ever get mistaken for sisters?

Miss Serenity said...

Thanks, everyone! Lexie; no, my mom and I have never passed as sisters. But when we're at the store together (even with the whole family) and I'm holding Baby MIT, people comment on how cute "my" baby is! :b


Dawn said...

Great job Serenity! I made this apron a few years ago and I still wear it every day. It is very similiar to the colors your mom has. I made it too big, so I do want to make another one. I hope your mom loves it!

Lanita said...

What an awesome gift, Serenity. It looks perfect. Keep up your creativity.


Carrie said...

What a great gift Serenity!!!! I love it!!!!
If you have no need for the pattern, I would love to use it...I have been wanting to make an apron too!
Mrs. C~

Kayla said...

Great job, Serenity! How sweet of you. :) I received a reversible apron just like this in a swap I participated in last fall. I love it! It's such a cool pattern once you figure it out. I was a little confused at first as to how it was supposed to go. lol!