Friday, May 8, 2009

A Different Kind of Beauty Pagent

Ever heard of the "Miss Beautiful Morales" contest? No? Well, that's probably because it's in Saudi Arabia. I know Islam is a violent religion if practiced zealously, but some adherents are definitely living closer biblical standards than we in the decadent west.

"RIYADH, Saudi Arabia (AP) - Sukaina al-Zayer is an unlikely beauty queen hopeful. She covers her face and body in black robes and an Islamic veil, so no one can tell what she looks like. She also admits she's a little on the plump side.
But at Saudi Arabia's only beauty pageant, the judges don't care about a perfect figure or face. What they're looking for in the quest for "Miss Beautiful Morals" is the contestant who shows the most devotion and respect for her parents.

"The idea of the pageant is to measure the contestants' commitment to Islamic morals... It's an alternative to the calls for decadence in the other beauty contests that only take into account a woman's body and looks," said pageant founder Khadra al-Mubarak.

"The winner won't necessarily be pretty," she added. "We care about the beauty of the soul and the morals."

I can't help but feel a little ashamed of my culture's view of beauty when I read this."

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** I am not endorsing the Islamic religion. Just giving everyone some thoughts on how lefty our culture has gotten. **


Jessica said...

Wow, thank you for sharing that with us, Miss Serenity! What an encouragement and challenge.

We live in a world where many people are only interested in outward appearance. When you find a girl that isn't as wrapped up in the subject of what she is wearing, it is like a breath of fresh air. Truly girls who dress modestly and are more worried about their relationship with God and their hearts are far above rubies!

Thank you so much for this challenging post! It has truly touched me to continue striving for a higher goal than outward beauty. The goal of having a heart for the Lord and serving others is worth it's weight in gold.

God Bless,

Rachel said...

H1 Serenity! Wow! I didn't know that! That is amazing! And it is also a shame to us as a "Christian" nation that we do not hold to these views on women and beauty. Thanks for sharing this with us! =:D


Lexie said...

There's a reality show that's based on inner beauty its called Pretty Wicked and the contestants are young woman who are stuck on physical appearance and the one contestant who changes the most and exhibits the most inner beauty wins the show. It's interesting because on one episode they told the girls they were competing in a pageant and it turns out the judges were blind and were going on personality and inner beauty.