Tuesday, May 19, 2009

East Coast Trip Preparations

This week has started off to be a bit busy! We're getting ready for our trip to the east coast that's starting on Sunday night, cleaning and organizing for family who's coming to stay this same weekend, running every morning to get our miles in for a run the boys are participating in and on top of that doing our usual daily doings! Here's what's on my to do list before we go on our trip:

Make list of people to send post cards to. Place in labeled Ziplock bag along with stamps.
Decide which clothes to wear on the trip, and get anything in the laundry that needs to be clean for packing.

Do thorough cleaning of kitchen.
Pack purse with books, CD player, etc for flight and car rides.
Wipe down the shoes I'll wear on the trip.

Sweep and mop living and dining room, hallways and stairs.
Pack clothes, shoes and any toiletry items I won't need for the rest of the week.

Help with the general cleanup of the house.
Get beds and rooms ready for company, set up temporary beds for our family's children.
Make dessert for Bible Study.

Family arrives.
Bible study here at our house at one PM.
Shabbat Shalom!

Pack toothbrush/any other toiletry stuff. Have bags ready to go on porch.
Be with the fam.
Leave for the airport at around three PM.

There's a full schedule for ya! I'm not sure how much I'll be posting until I get back, if at all, but you can always check my sidebar for recommended blogs if you're in need of a good read. :)



Rebecca Wall said...

Dear Serenity,

I hope your trip goes well and you also get everything done. it sounds like you got a pretty tight scedule. hope you have a great time. Have a Great day, and God Bless,

Rebecca Wall

Lanita said...

Have a great trip, Serenity,
We will be looking forward to hearing from you when you return. You will have a great time. There is sooooo much to see back there.

Carrie said...


You sound so busy, but very organized...I hope everything goes well for you and that you all have a great time!
Mrs. C~