Friday, October 31, 2008

Hot Cocoa for Those Chilly Days!

Hot chocolate is almost a necessity at our house in the fall and winter time! That's why Mother Dear decided to make us up a big bucket of it to last (hopefully!) for a while. She posted her recipe here, and I have to say, it makes the best hot cocoa ever! I just finished a mug of it with breakfast, along with my siblings who raved about it too (of course, I think the little ones just like anything with sugar in it :).

Hot chocolate was also a staple in the winter at my dad's house when he was growing up. He told me his mom would make a gigantic Tupperware bowl full of the mix, and they would all have a cup of cocoa almost every day. Funny thing is, it was the same exact recipe as the one Mother Dear is now using, although she never knew it until Dad tasted the cocoa and saw the recipe.

Dad also told me his mom would make another big bowl of cocoa mix to take with them whenever his family went camping. He said they would have their Coleman stove on every morning and evening with a big pot of water on it, just for the cocoa.

So you see, it is a recipe worth trying! Not exactly handed down from generation to generation, but almost. :)


possum said...

Looks delicious!!!!

Lexie said...

That sounds yummy I've just started reading your blog, but from what I can tell I'm already starting to get addicted!

Hannah Sawyer said...


The Hot Cocoa sounds delicious!! We usually get some at Walmart.

Love, Hannah

Kathy - mom of many said...

Hi Serenity, Thanks for visiting my blog. The orange "fall" banner is the only autumn decorating we had. Since we don't have much of a change of seasons (especially the leaves) it was the only fall-ish looking thing I did.
We love hot chocolate too. And, just like you said, I think the children LOVE it because of the sugar and chocolate, of course. At any hint of cooler weather, they ask for it. I usually buy a big box of it, but I'll look into making up your recipe. Maybe it will make a bigger batch and last longer. It should definitely cost less, right? When we camp, it is a morning staple for our family. Good thing for cupholders in camping chairs.
I appreciate your votes in the apron contest. If you can remember to vote daily, I'd appreciate it.
Love, Mrs. Hills