Saturday, October 25, 2008

Decorating for Fall

I love fall, don't you? The leaves are turning gorgeous colors, the air is crisp, gardens have overflowed with fresh vegetables (by now all shredded, diced and sliced sitting in Zip-locs in the freezer), hot cocoa is tasting delicious on all the cool mornings and while in a warm mug sitting in your lap with a good book in your hand and cuddled up in a blanket...and it's time to decorate for the season! Of course, being as Mother Dear loves to decorate and make things cute, we were armed with cinnamon-scented pine cones, fabric pumpkins and gourds and acorns to grace our dining and living room.

Our home school room got decorated too!

Enjoying God's fall creations,


Kayla said...

Hi Serenity,
Cute fall decorations!

I was wondering if you received the e-mail we sent out about our friend Desiree's holiday recipe swap. She doesn't have very many participants so far, so we're trying to help her "recruit" some girls and ladies. :) If you're interested, be sure to e-mail her before the deadline this Friday. Thanks. :)


princessesindisguise said...

Nice Fall decorations! We just got our first cold snap yesterday, and we're really excited! /Now/ it feels like Fall! :)