Saturday, October 25, 2008

High-Tec Headache

Well, praise the Lord, we now have pictures off our digital camera...and a computer that doesn't turn off on us every five seconds!! Like I mentioned in my last post, we couldn't upload pictures from our camera to the computer, due to the computer having problems (it would spontaneously say it couldn't connect to the Internet, go really slow, etc.).

Well, my grandparents came through the woods and over the river to spend the weekend with us today (they live three hours away from us), bringing their laptop computer. My grandpa hooked it up to the Internet and Mother Dear uploaded our pictures to his computer, then uploaded them to our account on Snapfish so we can have access at them from here at home when the laptop isn't here.

I know that this state-of-the-art won't be here forever, but while it's residing here in our computer room, I'll enjoy it for the weekend.

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Anonymous said...

Snapfish is the perfect place to keep a backup of your photos and have access to them anywhere anytime. I learned that when Hurrican Katrina victims lost their photos in the flood, Snapfish donated to those families prints of whatever photos they had uploaded to Snapfish.