Monday, July 28, 2008

I'm Back!

Ahhhh. It feels good to be posting again! So sorry I haven't been. Although I do have some good excuses...

Last Wednesday was my birthday! I had a wonderful time. I received lots of calls and cards from many friends and family and had a few surprises too. When I woke up that morning I found a new outfit on my bed, candy in my underwear drawer, and a couple little gifts on my bathroom sink.
My biggest surprise was written in the birthday card from my family-we were going on a three day weekend trip over the mountains and we were leaving the following night! So for the next two days I packed, helped get everything ready, prepared some of the meals and watched the children, while Mother Dear (loveliest of women) packed, got everything ready, prepared snacks and watched the kids while I packed, helped get-ok, I think you get the idea!
The trip was great! We went to the beach, visited our church from over there, saw friends and family we hadn't seen in a while, went to a baby shower, the list goes on and on. I don't think we could have crammed one more thing into that whirlwind of a weekend! We were on the go from the time we got up on Friday till leaving Sunday afternoon. I had an extremely good time. :)
Here are a few pictures of us at the beach from my aunt. Sorry I don't have any more! The computer said something like it was having a hard time when I tried to upload them.

A friend and I, Cousin and Bro,
Dad and Baby Sis,
another Bro, another Sis.

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