Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Fam

Please, won't you allow me the pleasure of introducing my family to you? Thank you. Ok, here we go!
First come Father Sir and Mother Dear (loveliest of women). They are my two loving parents, doing they're best in raising up this little clan to be arrows, standing for the Lord.
Next comes me. The first M.I.T. (Mother in Training) of the girls and I still have a lot to learn!
Then there's my first brother. Very active and outgoing, he loves to play outside and also is addicted to reading. He is the gang leader of all the boys and enjoys making forts and leading them in expeditions all over the yard and house.
After him comes what my mom calls "Creative Genius." He is constantly drawing pictures and talking in rhymes. You just watch. He'll be the one to go and be a famous artist or painter!
Next is our little lovey, cuddly boy (but also aka "Captain Jake" in the cowboy game the boys have been playing lately). Our little Linus loves to suck his thumb and lay with his blankly, but also can be very fierce and serious when playing cowboys or army guys, whichever is most appealing and manly that day.
Then comes our second M.I.T. She is very girly and can be heard oohing and ahhhing and squealing over any "cuuuuute" piece of clothing or hair do at any time. Girly Girl is also another Linus, and loves her thumb and dancing pig blanket. She thinks she is one of the boys, and always tries to be a part of they're games.
Last comes Baby M.I.T. Usually very smiley, she loves chatting with anyone who will stop and talk, and also loves Daddy's beard.
Well, that's us! Hope you enjoyed meeting everyone. So long!

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