Friday, June 12, 2009

Shabbat Shalom

Last week I made this cake for our Bible study that meets every Saturday. Spice cake and cream cheese frosting - yum!


Anonymous said...

That looks too pretty to eat!

Laura said...

Ooh! That looks delicious! :)

Rachel said...

Very sweet design Serenity! Mmm! I love cream cheese frosting! *smacks lips* =:D


The Author said...

Could you send me some of the next one you make with a letter? :) Sorry you have'nt got your letter yet. Yesterday we went to a Bat Mitzvah and Friday we were busy ALL But it will get to you.
Yours truly,
The Author (others can't know my real's a top secret. I nver told you, but I am a spy..:) Hey, check out my photography blog. Friday I had my first official shoot, and you can see a sneak peek of it.

Christie said...

Ooooo, looks yummy! I wanted to let you know that I did get your comment.... I just haven't worked up a reply yet! :) Short answer is that though both our families had a vision that young people shouldn't "date around" or have casual dating relationships, my husband and I didn't really "do courtship"... our family was just beginning to learn so many things. My sister Heather and her husband didn't either. (God truly had mercy on the two of us by providing us with wonderful husbands who are seeking God's will... despite our naivety!!)

My sister Stephanie had been in a relationship when she began getting convicted about courtship and placing herself under our father's authority. So, she broke things off and is now contentedly waiting for God to bring the right guy along! So, all that to say... YES we believe in courtship! But it's definitely still a learning experience for our family as Stephanie's kind of the beginning point for true courtship in our family.