Saturday, April 4, 2009

A Shabbat Outing

Here at our house the day is sunny and warm. Of course we had to take advantage of the nice weather, so we packed up some meat loaf sandwiches and headed off to the park.

Looking at the ducks... there were lots today!

Best friends!



Last year in April we came to the same park and took this picture:

Here we are now!

Mom and Dad got their picture taken too. To see them, look to the right on my sidebar.
Well, the littles are getting up from their naps, so I'd better go. Shabbat Shalom!


Missi said...

It was a beautiful Sabbath here, too. The kids and I have been enjoying it in the back yard.

Rebekah said...

Cute pictures of the whole family. I especially like the one of you :)

Miss Hannah said...

Hello Serenity!

I couldn't wait to tell you this. This year, me and my family are going to celebrate Passover! I am so excited!!:D

That picture of you is beautiful! The last one.
Miss hannah

The Author said...

This is going to be a looonnnggg comment!
This past Shabbat was so very beautiful! Shalom! I see that we have a lot in common from reading your blog and profile, and I am so excited to find another young who believes that the Torah is true and valid,that Yeshua died for our sins as the Pesach(Passover) Lamb, and that a woman should be a woman! Baruch HaShem!
p.s- don't bother checking out my profile, it's empty. My list of labels on my blog pretty much shows what I am about! Oh, and by the way- I absolutely adore your blog!