Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Airplane Cake Tutorial

Remember when I made those three cakes in March? Well, this airplane cake was one of them. It was a fun and very easy cake to do, so I thought I might use it as a tutorial for any ladies who are interested in cake decorating, have the basic supplies, but aren't quite sure how start. This cake is very simple and doesn't take a ton of time, but also gives you good practice and, of course, a cake you can blog about in the end. :)

Here's what you're going to need. I suggest you make the cake and icing and set out your supplies a day ahead of time just so you don't get overwhelmed, and so that when you go to decorate you'll have a nice clean area to work in. :)

  • A cake - I used a 9 in. one
  • Icing - Go here to get the icing recipe I use.

Make one recipe in thin consistency (It says do milk or corn syrup, but I suggest you do both.) Color it light blue.

Make another recipe of icing, this time doubling it and making it medium consistency. Take about a cup and a half out of the bowl and set it aside, labeling it "medium consistency". Now, add 3 1/2 Tbsp. more milk to your icing in the bowl and blend it up. Take about a cup and a third of icing out of the bowl, setting it aside and labeling it "thin consistency".

Now, take out a cup and a half, color it dark blue. Lastly, set aside 3/4 cup of icing, and color it orange. You'll have some icing left over, but it'll be good to have for Just in Case. :)

As for supplies, you'll need

  • A spatula for spreading frosting
  • A decorating bag (four would be great, but not needed)
  • Star tip number 21
  • Star tip number 18
  • A number 3 tip (two of them would be nice, but again, you only need one)
  • A number 5 tip
  • A paper outline of an airplane, the size of how you'd like it on your cake. I printed an airplane coloring page off the internet, then cut the airplane out.
  • A clean, small paint brush
  • Some wax paper
  • Piping Gel
  • A toothpick
Start with your cake.

If you want to keep the icing off the plate while you decorate, put down some strips of wax paper on the plate, then place the cake on top. Frost it, using your recipe of thin, light blue icing.

Let the cake stand for a little bit, letting the icing form a little crust. While you're waiting, make your airplane "stamp". Cover your paper airplane outline with wax paper, and tape it to the table so it doesn't move. Put your tip 2 in the decorating bag, then fill it with about 1/4 cup of piping gel. If you like, you can use the clear decorating gel that comes in the tubes from the store.

Now, carefully trace the airplane onto the wax paper, using the gel.

Your cake should now have a little crust over it (meaning you can lightly touch it and not mess up the icing). Carefully turn over the wax paper with the gel outline on it, and place it in the middle of the cake. Take your little paintbrush and lightly trace the gel, putting a little bit of pressure as you trace so that the gelled outline is applied to the cake.

Slowly peel the wax paper off the cake, revealing your clear airplane outline.

With your dark blue icing and tip 5, pipe icing lines over the places where you want it to be blue. Then, do the same with the orange icing.

Using your small star tip and dark blue icing, start filling in your airplane.

Do the same with the orange icing.

Now it's time to do the clouds. Trace some cloud shapes all over the sides of your cake. You can do it like I did and strategically place them, to cover up any messy spots. :)

Start filling in your clouds. I traced the edge first, and then filled the whole thing in.

You're almost done! Pipe a reverse shell border, using your star tip 21, onto the bottom of your cake (if you were using wax paper underneath it, now would be the time to take that off). Before I started on the cake, I did a few shells on a plate just to give myself a little practice before actually putting them on the cake.

Now, with your smaller star tip (you can use the bigger one if you don't have one that's smaller), pipe another reverse shell border on the top of your cake, right on the edge.

You're done!!

If you want to, you can use your leftover thin, white icing to write a message.

Enjoy your cake!



Rebekah said...

The outline idea is a good one. Very cute cake and it doesn't look too hard to make.

Rachel and Jessica said...

That turned out great Serenity! Good job! I assume that was for a little brother? =:) I hadn't known about that way to transfer the image, I do it a much harder way! Thanks for sharing that, I will definitely be using that next time! =:) It looks soooo much easier! Your cake is so adorable! I love the design. I am sure whoever you made it for really enjoyed it!

Did you take cake decorating lessons? I was just wondering (I taught myself although I did take 1 fondant class). How long have you been doing cake decorating? I hope you don't mind all the questions! I love it when I find others who enjoy cake decorating as much as me! =;)


Miss Serenity said...

Thanks, Rachel. :) Yes, it was for my 4 year old brother's birthday. He told me he wanted a cake with a blue and orange airplane on it, and that's what I came up with. :)

I've been doing cake decorating for about 2 years now. It all started when I got the first Wilton course as a gift for my birthday, and then over the couple years I took the other 2 courses. I really enjoyed them! Cake decorating has opened up such opportunity for me. As I learn more, I'd like to start doing more cakes for buisness to bring in some money to save for later use.

Don't worry about question asking! I totally understand. It's fun to find another girl who likes to tamper in the art of Cake Decor. :)


PS (I learned how to transfer images onto cakes through the Course 1 of Wilton. I love it! It's so easy, and makes cakes have a sort of professional look to them.)

Rachel and Jessica said...

Thanks for replying to my questions Serenity! I forgot to tell you that I loved your scroll work border! Very pretty and neat/tidy!

That's great! I am glad you were able to take the courses and have been able to bless your family (and others) with your new talent! =:)


Laura said...

That is a really lovely shell border you did! My aunty taught me cake decorating last year, and I really enjoy it! Thanks for sharing this tutorial!
God bless,

Rachel said...

I have a new friend from church who recently took the Wilton class and she offered for me to come over and teach me. I would love to learn some cake decorating so I can make Alex's birthday cakes.

You did an awesome job!!

Miss Hannah said...

That cake is SUPER cute!! You did a wonderful job on it. Thank you for posting this tutorial, I may try to make this cake just for the fun of it!lol.:D

I got you card in the mail today! THABK YOU SO MUCH! I was so blessed by it, as silly as it sounds. I was wondering if you mighgt like to be pen-pals? I have made a few others through blogging, and would love to add another to my list! I wouls also love to get to know some more aobut the Jewish culture, I think that through letter writing would be very fun!

Out of curiosity, how old are you?
Miss Hannah

Calla Lilly said...

This looks so wonderful!!! I love seeing your creativity!

Sarah H said...

It looks almost to pretty to eat, but I will take a piece:)