Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Breakthrough

Lately I've been struggling with looking favorably upon worldly things. You know, the things that girls seem to easily get caught up in; wishing I could be with friends more often (as opposed to being with my family), wishing I could dress in the latest fashion and feeling like I should be "doing something" with my life, instead of "just" sitting here at home doing school, cooking, cleaning and going through the usual routine of my day.

I don't know, maybe you're pretty strong in your beliefs about staying at home and being an "MIT" (Mother In Training), but as for me, sometimes it's so easy to be swayed by the world at such the smallest things.

I recently read a fiction book about a fourteen year old girl who was studying ballet, getting to dance for her first time with a ballet company, thus starting her career. It made me start thinking about what I had done and accomplished in my life at fifteen years old. Had I really done anything? Is staying at home and learning how to keep a house something to be proud of? Couldn't you still learn to do those things and start thinking and preparing for a future career? Is a career all that people have made it out to be?

A these thoughts were whirling in my mind, I recently stumbled on Psalm 37:1.

"Do not fret because of evil men
or be envious of those who do wrong;
for like the grass they will soon wither,
like the green plants they will soon die

After reading this verse, I felt a complete sense of relief and peace. I realized that I was going after the things of this world, not being content with what God has given me, and that He has supplied my every need and has provided me with loving and caring parents who know what is in my best interest.

Although I do enjoy being with friends, my family are the ones who I should be spending the majority of my time with, especially since I am ultimately called to minister right here in the home.

While I like to wear cute clothes, today's fashions for ladies are not modest and feminine, let alone do they help portray a godly countenance.

Being in the home and being the cornerstone for my father's house (who is my roof) is the greatest thing I can do right now to fulfill my purpose as a daughter, as well as prepare to be a helpmeet for my future husband and a good mother to my future children. Does the Bible say anything about a woman leaving her babies in daycare, sending her children off to school and being an "equal", if not sole, provider for the family? No, it does not. It speaks of a woman helping her husband in his business affairs (not her own), being his helpmeet, being a keeper at home and much, much more. Why on earth would I ever want to do anything different than live out my wonderful purpose as a daughter, and prepare for wife and motherhood?

Praise God that He has brought these things back into my mind, fresh and ready to be eagerly pursued! It is a joy to be happy and content with what the Lord has prepared for me, knowing it is the very best thing for my life.

Now, by bringing up Proverbs 37:1, I am not saying that ladies who go to work, dress fashionably or who hang out with friends often, are in the wrong. What I am saying is that these things are not what God has designed ladies to do. These things are worldly ideas, advertised by worldly people, who do wrong. Since we are not of this world, we should not be following these ideas. Like the Botkin sisters say in their documentary, The Return of the Daughters, what if there was nothing to go by on how to live your life, no worldly magazines, TV shows, books or movies, except the Bible? How different society would be today! Most women would not be in the situations they are in now, and would essentially be living a completely different life than the ones they are living in the present. I'm so thankful that my parents have searched and studied the Bible for what it says us ladies should be doing. Even though I can be easily swayed, they are always there to keep me grounded in what is is right, as well as remind me of what the Lord says about each and every predicament I get into. :)

So, if you are having some rough times as I was, look to the Lord and give your worries to Him, knowing He is in control and knows best. Pray and study your Bible, looking for verses that have to do with the issues you're having. And of course, go to your parents to get encouragement and help where you need it. The experience and knowledge of mine is always helpful when I need it, and even when I don't!

So, without much further adieu, I am signing off, praying for all the girls out there who are struggling with what to go with: God's calling to them as women, or the world's deceiving pulls telling them to "make something of themselves".

With love,


Kayla said...

Thank you, Serenity, for this wonderful reminder. It is so easy to get discouraged. May God give us grace to keep our eyes fixed on Him and persevere in running the race He has called us to!

Anonymous said...


It is so difficult to remain content in our circumstances, what ever they may be. There will be a day, maybe even coming sooner than you think, that these days as an MIT will be over.

You will be off. Never to be back here again. Your time of learning under this roof and with these people will be gone. Enjoying the here and now is so important. God has you here, as the oldest child of this family to teach you and train you for your future.

You have grown so much in just that past two years, more than I ever thought possible. God has and continues to prepare you for what lies ahead. None of us know what it will be, but God's perfect plan all works together to make you who He needs you to be to complete His purpose.

Ballet, music, fashion, academic studies... these are all things that are interesting, fun and even profitable to a certain extent but they are not eternal. Preparing yourself to raise the next generation and to be salt and light to the world along side a husband, those things will yield eternal fruit.

I am glad to see this post as I know it has been a struggle for you recently. Being careful what we allow ourselves to see, read and watch makes it easier to keep up the good fight.

I love you,


Anonymous said...

Isn't it amazing when God gives you just the right verse to help you in what you're going through? He really cares about our struggles and wants to see us safely through them!

Me said...

I think it's really encouraging
to read what you write on your blog. I am a homeschooled "almost teenager" and I agree that it can be tough sometimes. Thanks for writing from your heart rather than writing based on what the world thinks:-)

The Author said...

It is sometimes hard, and the thought process of discontentment is quick and easy. Thank goodness it is as easy to become content again if you catch the discontentment almost immediately. Very great post!
p.s- Are you 15? I am too~