Sunday, November 16, 2008

Ahhh...Baby Names!

Anyone interested in sharing ten of their favorite names with the bloggy world? Today I was inspired by Jasmine's post about up-and-coming popular names, to start up a little meme for all of us who could easily count off fifty names we love, which we hope our future (or for some of you, current) husbands might agree too. :) Here's mine, although not necessarily in order:

My Top Ten Favorite Baby Names

1. Evangeline Jubilee (my absolute favorite!!)
2. Abigail
3. Macie
4. Elishava (one of my sister's middle names :)
5. Mae Amelia
6. Eliana
7. Judah Benjamin
8. Will (I can just imagine a cute, skinny little boy named that :)
9. David
10. Asher

I (and many other people, I'm sure) would love to see your Top Ten Favorite Baby Names! Won't you blog about them, then add yourself to Mister Linky over here? Also, as you can see, I've created an image to go with this post, so if you'd like you can add it to your post or sidebar. Now, I'm absolutely clueless as on how to write HTML code, so if you could just copy the picture, and make it link back to this post, I'd greatly appreciate it. :)
*A little post update:* Just for fun, if you'd like to see the top ten names for 2007, the Social Security Administration has a list up for both boys and girls. The number one names? For boys, Jacob, and for girls, Emily.


Taylor said...

I just saw your comment on my blog! Thanks so much!
I love your blog and can't wait to sit down and read more about you.
I think we have alot in common!
I will post my favorite 10 names soon!

In Christ,

Taylor said...

Oh no!!!
Is there ANYWAY you can delete this Mr. Linky and add a new one? I accidentally wrote the wrong link to my blog (I put Firstdaughter, I just left out the *93*) and I don't think that the link I left is a very good one!
I am so sorry! If you can I will come back and leave the RIGHT link!

In Christ,

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... Maybe I shall do this?! Maybe post it on and link you?

Bria said...

What a cute blog! Its always encouraging to find another kindred spirit.

Hannah said...

Well it told me to leave a comment. I love your background!