Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Young Maiden's Daybook - Entry Number 9

Today... is December 22, also known as Tuesday, which is also known as the day I need to catch up on school, sweep and mop the hallways and stairs, mail cards for my grandma and write a few thank you notes.
Outside my window... I see ice, ice, ice... and a little sun peeking out of the clouds.

I am thinking... about the big box of homemade cookies and chocolates my uncle brought over yesterday. So nice!

I am thankful for... a quiet, cozy morning.

I am wearing... a tan sweater an a long, princess cut skirt. (I love skirts and dresses in princess cut!)

I am reading... So Much More by Anna Sofia and Elizabeth Botkin. That book is a God-send.

I am creating... nothing at the moment. I just finished putting a new nine patch on a quilt where the other one had ripped for an elderly lady down the street yesterday. Once we get our sewing machine fixed, I'd like to make some headway on my own!

One of my favorite things... holiday tea in the morning to calm down that screaming throat.

For education this week... the usual is in store. I've got to practice extra hard for piano, though! Fur Elise, even the simplified version, is definitely a challenging for me. A E A, E E G#...

A keeper at home skill I am using/learning... how to have patience while sewing things by hand. Ugh!

A spiritual lesson I am learning... to be kind and respectful when someone is speaking harshly or is upset at you, even when it isn't your fault.

A godly character trait I plan to work on... kindness.

Scripture I am memorizing... I've backslid on that for a few months, so this week I am reviewing the verses I had previously memorized.

I am praying for... my cousin Kimmy.

For the rest of the week... I don't have much going on. No music lessons, appointments or places to go until Sunday - my weekly shopping/coffee date with a friend down the street.

A picture I'd like to share...

My brother when he opened his gift from me for Hanukkah - a camo bear. :)

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Lanita said...

It is a blessing to read about your day and your goals. You are truly a blessing to your family and those who know and love you. Thank you for sharing, Serenity.